Nikos Aliagas: this mania that annoys his wife Tina

In parallel with his activities as an animator, Nikos Aliagas has never hidden his love for photography, he who regularly draws portraits of the personalities he meets. In an interview with Technikart, the host confided in this mania linked to his passion, which particularly annoys his wife Tina.

In 2001, French viewers discovered the candidates for the very first season of star Academy, but also Nikos Aliagas, the conductor of the show. Over the years, the host has become a key figure in the French audiovisual landscapehe who has since presented numerous shows, from The Voice at The Song of the Year Passing by The secret song. On all fronts, Nikos Aliagas, who will soon take over the reins of the star Academyalso devoted a lot of time to his passion, photography.

A passion that comes to him from his earliest childhood, as he confided on the set of It’s up to you, last April. “I did that at the table (he mimics the gesture). My father asked ‘why does he take pictures without a camera?’. In fact, me I was photographing because I had seen black and white photos of my parents and my grandparents. At the time, people didn’t smile because photography was considered an act, a signature almost a social act. Seeing my young parents without smiling caused me an emotion. That’s why I wanted to keep people alive“, he had explained.

The mania that annoys Tina Grigoriou

Since then, Nikos Aliagas has even found a way to combine his two activities, he who regularly photographs the personalities he has the chance to interview. In a long interview granted to Technikart, the 53-year-old animator spoke of his unconditional love for photography.

Never very far from his camera, Nikos even sometimes tends to annoy Tina Grigoriou, his wife and mother of his two children, because of an incorrigible mania. “I have tens of thousands of photos, I keep everything and then my wife yells at me because there is no more room…and more I print, because I tell myself that you never knowif there is no internet one day… I am a “psychopathic” photographer, I have neuroses (laughs).”, he confessed. The price of passion!