Nina Bott: As a mother of four children: “Of course it’s not easy”

Balancing family and career is not always that easy. That’s why it’s so important for mums to take a break from time to time. Nina Bott (46), the mother of four children, reveals to that the Berlin Fashion Week is pretty good for her. She lets herself be pampered with a small relaxation package including a facial massage. “I haven’t put the kids to bed in months,” the actress said. That’s why Nina thinks it’s Dad’s turn again. Her oldest son, Lennox (19), is now quite tall. “I’m glad when I know where he is,” said the 46-year-old.

But the other three, Luna (7), Lio (4) and Lobo (1) keep her busy. “Of course it’s not easy,” admits the actress. But she always tries to make the best of everything and see things with humor. And with family support and helpful people behind her, the mother of four has probably always been successful so far.

In the video above you can see what Nina Bott has to say about her life as a mother of four.

GZSZ star Eva Maria Rodekirchen: “Actually, I just want to play”

At the Berlin Fashion Week, also met Nina’s former colleague Eva Mona Rodekirchen (46). In an interview in the Reichert+Beauty & Fashion Lounge, the actress gave a few insights into her private life. In 2012 she had her daughter, but apart from a short parental leave, the actress of Maren Seefeld went back to the set pretty quickly. After 12 years with the popular daily soap, she decided to leave the show last year.

The 46-year-old wants to devote more time to her family and dare to do other projects. In fact, the simple mom has never had a break from work before: “I’ve been working since I graduated from high school.” And despite her exit, she hasn’t gotten bored yet. “I’ve read books, crazy, never done it,” said the actress. Of course, she also wants to be in front of the camera again. And she has only one wish for her professional future: “Actually, I just want to play.”

By clicking on the video you can find out more about Eva’s decision to leave GZSZ.