Ninel Conde celebrates her birthday and announces that she will rest

The beautiful mexican artistNinel Conde, is very proud of everything she has achieved in the industry, her birthday is very close and that is why she decided to share with us a photograph posing next to a cake, celebrating time, because it will be until September 29 when this happen.

However, here it is celebrated from now on because he assures us that he will give himself a short break from the Internet and his commitments, he is finally on vacation and that is why he will be absent for a while.

During this time, you will surely take the opportunity to visit those yachts that fascinate you so much, turning around the sea of Miami FloridaIn addition to having the opportunity to to travel wherever she wants, something that you will surely tell us very soon.

Meanwhile we could see the entertainment piece in which she is already celebrating, wearing a very nice metallic dress that seems to be metallic gold or pink, the light of the photograph allows us to identify it correctly but what we do know is that it looks phenomenal .

The cake seems to be the same color, thousands of “likes” quickly arrived, showing us the great support and affection that she has from her public on the Internet, many of them met her on television and now they do not miss each of her publications.

It is all pleasure to be able to accompany her on her daily adventures, not to mention live performances, participation in programs and all that fills her with energy to continue improving as a person and as a professional.

Ninel Conde has been very active, despite having a year 2021 that was not as good or not as she expected, this 2022 has been very productive, she put her batteries and got to work.

That is why she has been so successful, recently she was visiting Televisa and shared with us some stories where she calls them the dream factory, surely a key piece for her rise to fame, a site that has supported her on many occasions. She has invited various projects in which she has been very well recognized.

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At Show News we invite you to continue enjoying her and wait for us to talk about everything you know about her vacation and, of course, the moment she returns, you will also find out about the best news about the show, entertainment and more.

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