Ninel Conde in a white outfit boasts gym results

Ninel Conde boasts the results of the gym in a tight white outfit. Instagram Special

Through a video on social networks, Ninel Conde showed off her charms with a elegant white outfitwhich has been achieved based on a lot of exercise, especially one of the most recommended to have a rear of envy.

The hip thrush They are one of the most recommended exercises to achieve an envious rear, and this is one of Ninel Conde’s favorites, so she did not hesitate to show off the results with an elegant white two-piece outfit.

Which was made up of a top that exposed her flat stomach, this garment was combined with a long skirt that perfectly adjusted to her curves, in addition to this, Ninel Conde decided to add how her process took place and motivated her followers.

You put the limits! 200 Pounds…91 kilograms…almost twice my body weight…how did I do it? Based on perseverance, discipline and a lot of self-love. Never let your mind set the limits… Test how far you can go in every way if you put your mind to it

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Immediately his followers began to fill the comments section with many compliments, all highlighting his discipline and perseverance, obviously the good wishes to go for more were not lacking, he is undoubtedly an inspiration for these people.

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In the video in which she is performing this powerful exercise, she also showed off a fuchsia swimsuit with details of rhinestones in the area of ​​the limits of this, a whole queen this woman with any outfit, always divine with what she wears.

Through his stories he also revealed another of the things he does to highlight his charms, a powerful venus name treatment that helps your rear stand firmone of its most outstanding attractions and that characterize it.

So far, these are the only news that the model has shared in her social media, although surely in later days he surprises with more envy outfits. This yellow outfit looked like a goddess, glamorous and elegant.

keep reading to I am Carmine, here you will find the most relevant news of your favorite celebrities, from trendy outfits to details of her life that are sometimes revealed for each of her followers, she is one of those who is always attentive to her followers. Click to see the video of Ninel Conde exercising.

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