Ninel Conde records wiggle from behind, strange marks are seen

As is customary for the beautiful artist, Ninel Conde consented to the eyes of her followers by sharing a video through her social networks where she is seen with her characteristic flirtatiousness, wiggling to the rhythm of a song by the Puerto Rican artist. bad bunnythe hit song “Yonaguni”.

In the entertainment piece posted by the Mexican we can see her in a sports outfit with a very striking design, on top she wears a white top with a large neckline and on the bottom she wears tight blue sports pants with a red flower design , the high waistband with red and white stripes highlights your lush curves.

Dancing with great freedom, her fans could see her move with that rhythm and flavor that has taken her to the top in the media. In the post description, the dubbed ‘killer hottie‘ wrote the following words:

This is how we are warming up the engines for this weekend.

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Ninel Conde records wiggle from behind, you can see strange marks. Source: Instagram


However, her perfect movements were not all that caught the attention of her followers on the social network, some netizens observed that the Ninel Count It had large circular spots all over its back. Concerned, some began to comment questioning what brands were interested in knowing her health status.

“What are those spots in dark circles that you have on your back?”, Questioned a follower, “What is that? Sorry” expressed another. After a few minutes some other followers responded to the comments, later, Ninel came out to clear up the doubts and revealed what the causes of the marks are:

They are marks of the suction cups that they made me because my back hurt from the choreographies of Jennifer López, he explained.

This practice is known as cupping in the world of holistic treatments. It is a practice in which they have to place glass cups on different areas of the body, and then use, it could be an air or fire pump, to cause a suction effect on the corresponding sections of affected skin tissue.

Those who perform it promise that the suction increases blood circulation in sore areas of the body to force it to speed up the recovery process. It is due to the strong suction exerted on the skin that this treatment leaves the skin marked with several red or brown circles, as if it were a bruise.

As I had already expressed Ninel Count, back pain led her to resort to this treatment to alleviate her discomfort as quickly as possible since she must comply with a busy schedule. This procedure is very popular among celebrities due to its effectiveness and speed.