Ninel Conde says goodbye to the year 2022 covered only in ribbons

for the beautiful artist mexicanNinel Conde, this 2022 It was a very special year, it was full of challenges, as well as many projects to which she was invited to participate and give the best of herself, without a doubt she had the opportunity to do it and that is why she decided to say goodbye to the year with a nice pic.

For her, one of the best activities she can do in life is to take a walk in a I already and that is why he decided to do it once again, enjoying the beautiful views that nature gives us. Miami, Floridawhere he is currently living and also taking advantage of it to continue working.


Ninel Conde / Instagram

Ninel Conde shares a beautiful photo to end 2022.

In the photo she appears wearing a beautiful outfit made up of the slats in pink, as well as some small golden brooches in the central part of the front, without a doubt a really impressive set that she decided to wear only to pamper her faithful admirers.

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I invite you to continue on Show News so you don’t miss any of the beautiful content that this famous person continues to deliver to us, this was a small demonstration and I’m sure it will continue to do so, also find out the best news from the world of showthe best of entertainment and much more with us.


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