Ninel Conde shares her recipes and secrets to her followers

On this occasion our dear actress and mexican modelNinel Conde, took advantage of the large number of followers she has on her official account to share some tips, secrets that have worked a lot for her to stay healthy and beautiful.

its famous Ninel Tipsa new strategy that artist is implementing on her social networks, sharing her favorite recipes and of course all that comes to help her stay as we can see her, with one of the most impressive and liked figures of the networks social.

It is a video that lasts a little over five minutes, in which, in addition to being entertaining, she explains in detail a little more about the type of food that she considers the healthiest, the famous green juice and other similar preparations.

Of course it’s Ninel it’s none nutritionist, but she knows perfectly well that there are natural things that help us and that there can be no doubt about that, she has also attended many of them, with nutritional advisors who have instructed her, something that has served her well.

So she, without fear of being wrong, decides to tell us about her experience with these preparations, she uses them herself and of course she considers that it is something very important in her routine and a key piece to have gotten where she is today.


Ninel Conde / Instagram

Ninel Conde gives us her most important tips and secrets.

Normally Ninel Conde dedicates her publications to share the excellent results, but now she focused more on the process and more importantly on food, clarifying that it has to go hand in hand with a life with exercise.

On several occasions, she has also boasted how well she is doing in the gym, recording some videos to also recommend some of her favorite movements, which have worked well enough for her beauty to always look firm and well preserved.

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