Ninel Conde shines, confesses that dancing is her best therapy

Being on stage is one of her greatest satisfactions in life, the beautiful mexican artistNinel Conde, has shown us the great passion she has for her work, both when acting and when performing on stage, taking the opportunity to share with us what her best therapy is.

Its about dancean activity and much more when you have a fervent public that at the same time that she is ready to enjoy the musicand making everything activate the way beautiful things happen.

This is what he communicates to us while holding the microphone with his hand, communicating with his faithful audience that did not stop applauding and enjoying the show, of course they in a little monkey locker room pink colour.

That her outfits are magnificent for the occasion, they always wear very interesting and fun designs that she thinks are the most appropriate, in addition to, of course, her usual fishnet stockings that make her special.

She quickly got more than 12,000 likes, thousands of comments where Internet users also expressed the great pleasure it gives them to be able to appreciate this video and enjoy her beauty, sweet personality and all that talent, even for a few seconds.

Ninel Conde is always thinking about what would be the best way to get a laugh from the people who have supported her, so that in this way she can give them something more than just her great beauty, a positive attitude that keeps her walking and working.

In fact, recently she was sharing with us that one of the activities that most fills her with positive energy to move forward in her life is being able to visit the ocean, much more so now that she lives in Miami, Florida, the city and where she enjoys some amazing yacht rides.

It will not be the last time that she shares something similar with us, which is why we invite you not to miss Show News to keep learning about everything interesting about this famous woman and more about her companions, as well as the best news in the world of show and entertainment.

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