Ninel Conde shows off her fit body and criticism rains down on her

does everything Ninel Count to please his fans and does not convince them that he has an impact figure that can show off to the fullest in light, tight and tiny outfits, with which he attracts attention and unleashes reactions.

This time the beautiful singer and actress She wore a tight lycra look that perfectly marked her spectacular curves, which unleashed a wave of intense reactions, including harsh attacks and ruthless criticism.

The owner of the hit ‘Callados’ He did not hesitate a bit to show the result of his diet and his exercises, which apparently have had an effect, but some of his detractors did not notice and quickly sent him messages in the form of an attack.

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Ninel Conde commented in her little video that it was the fourth day with her new exercise and eating plan with which she shows a beauty impressive and majestic charms that delight the pupil and quicken hearts.

However, the famous unleashed the wrath of her haters who quickly observed everything except her beauty, as they wrote harsh messages such as: “All operated and silicone body”, “Chicken legs”, “I better stay like this” and “Nothing is natural”, among others that Bombón Asesino has surely already read.

Let us remember that Ninel is always exposed and causes a stir, she knows how to stay in the spotlight and although she is one of the most beloved celebrities by the public, she also has quite a few followers who are only dedicated to criticizing her.

Surely the famous one will not take into account those offensive comments that were sent to her through the show profile Drop the soup where more reactions continue to accumulate, because although she looks charming, no one noticed it and they began to rant in front of the video.

It is well known by all that the actress has dedicated herself for years to taking care of herself and staying in shape in a disciplined way, it shows that she likes to look good and keep a divine figure that only she can look perfectly.

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With her beauty, she becomes an example to follow for more women who, like her, empower themselves and seek to look wonderful and with a dreamy, well-marked and well-defined body. fitness.

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