Ninel Conde shows us her exercised figure from the Veracruz Carnival

The talented and beautiful mexican artistNinel Conde, recently announced that she would visit the Carnival from Tuxpan, Veracruzwhere he was already and they gave him the opportunity to make his musical presentation, a concert that his fans enjoyed to the fullest.

In addition to having seen her dance in one of her floatsher audience also got a chance to appreciate how amazing and fit she looks in her singing costumes, right on stage while performing her hits.

This is one of his most recent publications. Instagrama series of photos where we could see that incredible silhouette, which she has managed to achieve after so many hours in the Gymas well as a very careful and balanced diet.

We are very sure what is currently in his better physical shapeeven his fans have been impressed to see the results he has achieved, he had to develop a lot of discipline to get to this point and it shows.

In each of the images we can see different outfits that he used, giving everything while holding the microphone and also supporting a team of dancers and musicians to give a great show.


Ninel Conde / Instagram

Ninel Conde shares how exercised and beautiful she looked at the Veracruz Carnival.

Ninel Conde does not stop pampering all those people who recognize her and who enjoy her work, even now we are about to witness the final of “Tu Cara Me Suena”, a program in which she is participating and where she has the opportunity to win, but we’ll have to find out tonight.

The Mexican invited us to enjoy this event today and promises us that she will give an excellent interpretation of Gloria Trevi, surely she has a big surprise prepared for us, she has been preparing a lot for this best effort to win moment.

And keep discovering everything interesting about this celebrity and many others, whether or not she wins this contest and also other interesting news from the world of entertainment.

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