Ninel Conde yields and withdraws lawsuit against Giovanni Medina

The legal conflict between Ninel Count and his ex-partner Giovanni Mediumit seems that it will soon be over, because the lawsuit that the singer had filed in June 2021 for moral damages, now She is sorry and withdrew it so that they can be at peace.

It was last June that the famous singer mexican announced that he had filed a lawsuit against Giovanni Medina, father of his son Emmanuelafter the businessman made a series of statements against him with the media and for exposing the minor.

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It was through an interview for the Imagen Television program, First handthat Giovanni spoke about the fact that they were already in the final stretch of the legal dispute for the custody of their son, when Ninel Conde decided to withdraw the lawsuitbecause he wants there to be no more conflicts between them and there can be a healthy coexistence with Emmanuel.

Very repentant, Ninel Conde withdraws the lawsuit against Giovanni Medina. Photo: Instagram

“There was a withdrawal, I think it was an appropriate decision. With this we win, Emmanuel and I, one more step towards our peace, it is what we seek, only to live without conflicts, to work to get ahead like everyone else. And well, it is correct, there is a waiver, with which only the trial of guard and custody remains open, “said the businessman.

When the lawsuit against Medina was first filed, the lawyers of ‘El Bombón Asesino’ said it was because he had made statements about the singer, about her marriage to Larry Ramos and recently there was talk that he could have been an informant for the journalist Anabel Hernández, who pointed out an alleged relationship between Ninel and capos in his book Emma and the other ladies of the narco.

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However, Giovanni revealed that Ninel had told him that she had sued him because she was ‘ill-advised’, but now she wants there to be peace, so they just wait for how Emmanuel’s custody will turn out.

Meanwhile, Medina confessed that the coexistence that her son and her ex-partner have had are still “cold”, so they will have to continue trying to repair that bond that was fractured with the separation.

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