“Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars”: Great performance and great gesture – the final is complete

Updated on 05/15/2022 at 10:30 p.m

20 out of 160. Or: The finale of this year’s season “Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars” is on. In preliminary round number five of what is probably Germany’s largest TV hanging competition, the last four “Ninja Warriors” secured their final ticket on Sunday evening. With a hot candidate for overall victory – and a tragic loser.

Christian Vock.

“What is ‘Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars’ about?” commentator Frank Buschmann greeted the viewers on Sunday evening and then answered himself: “Well, at the end of the day it was definitely around 50,000 euros.” This is of course a very short description. Of course, most of the participants in “Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars” should be happy to have a little money in their savings account, but a much greater motivation is probably the fun of competing with the opponent, the course and above all with yourself.

And so commentator colleague Jan Köppen once again explains the details of this last of a total of five preliminary rounds. It is also completed in three rounds. In round one, 32 “ninjas” compete in 16 duels in a course with six obstacles. The 16 winners advance to round two, where five obstacles await them. In round three, the remaining 8 “Ninjas” go to the Power Tower, a huge climbing tower. The four duel winners at the Power Tower are in the final next Sunday. There you can win the mentioned 50,000 euros.

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“Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars”: Mark Degebrodt with super final sprint

16 finalists have already been determined, now the remaining four finalists will be sought on Sunday evening and the following duels have been thought up (bold, the respective winners):

  • Mark Degebrodt vs Benedict Sigmund
  • Christian Balkheimer against Ali Moussa
  • Isabell Sabellek vs Arleen Schuessler
  • Marius Bender against Marc Neuhaus
  • Marian Lotze against Nils Kwassny
  • Jessica Wielens against Chiara Gremes
  • Stephan Schmid vs Marco Fusser
  • Igor Maksimovic vs Ivo Rupena
  • Andrea Messner against Leoni Ostler
  • Christopher von Stelzer against Sandro Scheibler
  • Fabian Conrads vs Marius Holzinger
  • Davina Fisseler vs Alix Arndt
  • Eckhard Weiss against Kasimir Meyer
  • David Eilenstein vs Milan Shirowski
  • Bjorn Graul vs Jun Kim
  • Luke Killian against Viktor Brüsewitz

It starts with the duel Mark Degenbrodt against Benedikt Sigmund and the two seem to want to impress the audience, the opponents and probably themselves and start like the ninja fire brigade. The pillars of the first water basin are easy to climb, as are the swinging spokes and the pendulum pole. Benedikt Sigmund has gained a small lead on the hand-held baskets and is therefore the first to dash over the huge “chaos balls”. After the “ring hunt”, Sigmund is actually faster at the last obstacle, the very high wall, but shortly before Degebrodt catches up with him and just misses being the first to press the buzzer by a hair’s breadth.

Frank Buschmann: “What a horny pig!”

A run later, Ali Moussa suffers the same fate, who is actually in the lead against Christian Balkheimer, but cannot make the wall. He only overcomes this with the help of his opponent, who has already pressed the buzzer. Moussa had taken a lucky charm with him into the course: an ultrasound image of the offspring. But as bitter as it must be for Moussa and Degebrodt, for the viewer that is what makes the “Ninja Warrior” games so appealing. The fair spirit of sportsmanship and the fact that you can never be sure whether one of the participants won’t get pudding arms just before.

The duel young versus old promises another appeal in “Ninja Warrior”. Or better: young versus a bit older, but still in top shape. For example the duel Davina Fisseler (24) against Alix Arndt (42). Although Fisseler is younger, she is also smaller, which is why she cannot get a good grip on the swinging spoke and falls. For Arndt the opportunity to complete the course in peace.

Or the duel Eckart Weiss (50) against Kasimir Meyer (20). For Weiss, age doesn’t matter: “I think it’s a matter of fitness, experience, courage.” There could be something to it, because his opponent falls on the hanging baskets – don’t know. “What a horny pig – sorry”, Frank Buschmann honored Weiss’ performance.

“It was a stupid mistake, but you’re actually the blatant one”

Eckard Weiss also ends up in round two and a new course awaits here. First it’s on shaky boards over the water, then on the springs before the “hanging mikado” demands the muscles of the whole body. After the “Einraster” obstacle, the “ninjas” “only” have to conquer a chimney from the inside and they are already one round ahead – if they are faster than their duel opponent.

One person who can do this is Sandro Scheibler. He had already set the best time in round one and thus secured 5,000 euros and is now zooming away from his opponent in round two as well. “All eyes are now on you,” presenter Laura Wontorra then pushes him to be the favorite for the Power Tower. And rightly so, because although the final obstacle didn’t go optimally, Sandro Scheibler rushed away from his really not bad competitor Marco Fausser and into the final.

Exactly the other way around for Marius Bender. Because actually he clearly wins against his opponent Christian Balkheimer, but then Frank Buschmann tries the video evidence. And that’s when the observer notices a violation of the rules: “Both hands have to be used at the transition,” explains Buschmann. In the end, Bender was disqualified and Balkheimer entered the final, at least with a nice gesture: “You get part of my final bonus because you actually won. It was a stupid mistake, but you’re actually the blatant one.”

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