Niurka breaks down in tears at the apology of Laura Bozzo

During the second season of “The House of Celebrities”, the Peruvian and the Mexican had strong arguments, however, after Bozzo’s nomination they apologized, the moment caused so much commotion that it ended in tears.

The start of the second season of ‘The House of Celebrities’ gave a lot to talk about, especially because of the meeting between Laura Bozzo and Niurka Marcoswho had had discussions on previous occasions, but now it seems that they had a reconciliation even with tears included.

Everything arose after announcing that the first nominees for the new season were already there, including Laura Bozzo, who launched herself against Niurka for having voted for her so that she was in danger of leaving the competition.

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The news hit Bozzo with great force that he immediately got upset and stated that he did not like being around hypocritical people, and that if necessary he would leave the house without problems.

The Peruvian said for the reality cameras that she was aware of what was happening, referring to Niurka, whom she asked in a very energetic and annoying way not to make fun of her situation.

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For her part, Niurka denied having voted for Laura, although she did, but also referred to her as an egomaniac person who feels the center of attention.

Minutes after the commented moment, Laura Bozzo gathered all the celebrities in the room and apologized to Niurka for the way she treated her, but justified herself by saying that she was always on the defensive because of the bullying problems she had.

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“I think my attitude was very rude, because at all times she has tried to get along with me and what I did has no name. I want to apologize, but each member of the house deserves an explanation of my hysterical attitude. My attitude bad player, it’s not fair that I unload with a person who has been good vibes that is Niurka, “said the Peruvian.

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He also added: “I love her a lot because I see her in many things as an example and things of mine, but the burden that many times they have put against me is so great that I reacted in a hysterical, egotistical way and if I have to go I I will go. Publicly I ask you to please forgive me because you did not deserve something like that, excuse me, please excuse me. You have been very good to me. “

Listening to the words that her partner dedicated to her, Niurka burst into tears, and told her: “I’m just crying because who was I going to have fun with.” But the apologies also ended with a hug from the famous.