Niurka defended Emilio Marcos after criticism for his role in the series “The Last King”

Niurka Marcos defended her son after the accusations of his interpretation in the series The Last King

After the accusations against Emilio Marcos for his performance as Alejandro Fernández in the series The last king from Univision Television, which is inspired by the unauthorized biographical book of the journalist Olga Wornat, the progenitor of the young Mexican actor, Niurkabroke the silence and came out in defense of his son after various criticisms on social platforms.

In a recent appearance with the cameras of the sun risesthe actress, vedette and model of Cuban origin spoke about the criticism that your son has received within his role as The foal in the series produced by her ex-partner, Juan Osorio.

“My Emilio is doing a job alongside his father, who is a great teacher and a great guide. And apart from that, he has people with a lot of experience who are teaching him and he is like his mother, a great student.”, he underlined for the program Image Television.

Niurka came out in defense of her son after the accusations against him Photo: Special Infobae
Niurka came out in defense of her son after the accusations against him Photo: Special Infobae

“The negative criticisms that are not constructive, that do not contribute anything and that are outdated and offensive criticisms, annoying. The only thing they detonate is the thermostat of their success. The more they envy me and the more they try to fuck me, the more they raise me, the more they catapult me”, the mother of Emilio Osorio argued in her defense.

Finally, she was questioned about the controversy that has surrounded the production of her ex-partner, where the family of the mexico idolhas tried to stop the reproduction of the Charro from Huentitan since last March 14, the day of its premiere by the Stars channel.

“I believe that the executives of Emilio (Azcarraga), Televisa, Juan and the lawyers are not going to throw themselves into the ring without being propped up, without having bases and without being protected. They should not be underestimated because they are ‘old wolves’ and they are really used to these (legal) wars, they know exactly what they are doing and they would be very stupid if they underestimate them”, he finished.

During the first week of release, the bioseries was in the public eye due to the legal problems that surrounded it. However, they were not the only accusations that were made around her, since some viewers accused Emilio Marcos of taking advantage of his father’s position as a producer to get the role of The foal.

Due to this, some netizens got involved with the young actor and annoyed pointed out his participation in the Vicente Fernández series, since, according to them, he did not have the essence to bring Alejandro Fernández to life in the controversial production.

If I were Alejandro Fernández, if I sued Televisa for the horrible way in which Emilio Osorio interprets him”, “Sorry fans of Emilio Osorio, but I don’t like how he is playing Alejandro Fernández in #ElUltimoRey too young and the characterization hardly even resembles him”, “The best series would have been by Alejandro Fernández, because I think they focus more on scenes with Emilio Osorio. That by the way very bad actor”, were some that the netizens issued in Twitter.

The actor was criticized on social networks (Photo: Instagram/@emilio.marcos)
The actor was criticized on social networks (Photo: Instagram/@emilio.marcos)

Derived from the lynching in networks against Emilio Osoriohis father and producer, Juan Osorio, came out in defense of his son and He denied having influenced the young man to keep the role.

In addition to this, he mentioned that his son studied the character and practiced for a long time the gestures of the foalIn addition, he pointed out that he had a coach who “placed his voice” so that he could better interpret the singer.

He won the role in a casting (…) Emilio has talent, not because he is my son, it was the directors, not only I chose him, we have a very demanding coach and he has taken care of the castthat’s how it happened to him,” said Juan Osorio on March 16.


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