Niurka Marcos and the audio in which she speaks pests about her children

It is well known that the actress and dancer, Niurka Marcos, is always in the eye of the hurricane Because of her particular character and way of saying things, well, she considers herself a woman without ‘hair in her mouth’. Now him scandal returns to his life, since an audio reveals what he really thinks of his children.

Kiko, Romina and Emilio They are the three children that the Cuban woman has and of whom she spoke plagues, well, she referred to them as “maintained, lazy and even “parasites””, words that were recorded in a supposed Audio that released the program ‘Gossip no like’.

This audio was made public just after Niurka lashed out at Javier Cerianihost of said show program, since he stated that the vedette maintains her current partner, also an actor John Vidalwhom he met in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, where their romance arose.

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I invite you to do what we do at ‘Empire Baby News’, demonstrate with evidence that I gave Juan money, that I keep it, that the 80 (80 thousand pesos) that Juan owed Cynthia Klitbo, his ex-partner ) and all that, but with evidence,” Niurka asked.

Javier Cerianiwho has already had several lawsuits with different celebrities, denied having said that she supported Juan and even showed the audio to show that Niurka had no money to support her partner or anyone.

The audio that they presented in this program left everyone with their mouths open, since a mother would never have been expected to talk like that about her own children, especially when her daughter, Romanwas supporting her a lot, while her mother was in the house of Famous.

He went to Europe, my son, with that money he left in the car. This year, since I have not had a job, I have only had to take out my needs and it did not give me more, “heard in Niurka’s alleged audio.

In this audio, the singer asks her children to cooperate with money for her household expenses, well, they all work, although it is heard that she says that Emilio, the son she had with Emilio Osorio, is the one who earns the best.

When he arrived, I began to tell the three: ‘Now we have to contribute to the house, they are already working’. Emilio, who is the youngest, is the one who earns the most of the three, ‘what are you going to pay for the house?’ ‘Well, I do super and pay for gas’ (Emilio would have said). ‘Romina, you pay him (inaudible)’, and ‘Kiko, what are you going to pay?’, He never told me “.

After those words, Niurkawould have said that this year he would have gotten rid of the burden of keeping loose and parasites, although it pains him to accept it.

And that’s what happened this year, the metamorphosis of freeing myself from all this burden that I had to literally maintain, even if it hurts… egg*es, parasites “.

In the program ‘Gossip no like’ it was not mentioned when this audio is from, which is striking because the same Roman has stated that as of 2020, she became independent and her mom doesn’t spend any amount of money to support her.

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