Niurka Marcos calls Paulina Rubio envious for a lawsuit with Alejandra Guzmán

Niurka Marcos continues to star in fights with different celebrities and now the Cuban was encouraged to ensure that Paulina Rubio is “envious”, after she found out that the singer ignored Alejandra Guzmán, when both appeared at one of the shows corresponding to her tour.

The participant of the reality show La Casa de los Famosos 2 was consulted on the subject by the press and true to her style she assured: “The true artist, with true talent, shares the stage with humility”referring to the daughter of Silvia Pinal, who is her close friend.

However, about “The Golden Girl”, Niurka expressed: “Paulina doesn’t sing that much and she’s not that talented. She wanted to do the same thing to Thalía years ago, right? So why do you collaborate with her?”he asked himself.

Finally, the actress said that Rubio’s attitude confers “a breach of contract” since the two artists rehearsed and agreed to put on a show that was perfectly diagrammed. However she decided to leave “ridiculous” to his colleague, according to Marcos.

But the artist stated that if she were in Alejandra’s place she would tell the public what was happening and thus expose Rubio, without any hesitation.