Niurka Marcos revealed the passion she already had with Osvaldo Ríos

The exciting return of reality shows from TelemundoThe House of the Famous, has already started and of course one of its most striking participants is Niurka Marcosthe famous scandal woman since her arrival on the program was already giving a show and starring in the moment for a few minutes.

There is no doubt that our famous darling She arrived with all the attitude, ready with her strategies and with her characteristic way of being, which is actually her main plan, to be herself, fully enjoy the experience and of course give a lot to talk about.

We know that she likes to share personal details, which is why she could not keep quiet and now confirmed a rumor that had been shared some time ago, in which they claimed that she and Osvaldo Rios they had had a passionate moment together.

The vedette could not stand it and ended up sharing that this was true, a situation that made even the show hosts who surprised once again with their scope, Mama Niu It came to light course as number one.

And it is that Internet users consider that she is the most famous of the entire house and of course the one that makes the show worth seeing, which is why we can continue enjoying these fun moments like the one we saw that happened with Laura Bozzo.

And it is that just when Niurka Marcos arrived at the house of celebrities, being the last to enter, Laura decided to avoid the moment and went to the room, she stayed there for a few moments in which she had the strength to return and that was when the ballerina I board her with a lot of love.

In addition, he challenged her to do a popular dance step created by Anitta, an unforgettable moment among the many more that we will surely continue to receive from the dozens of cameras that will be capturing the best moments.

We invite you to stay on Show News in this popular video that you can see through Telemundo, the home of celebrities and of course also to find out about the most interesting news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and more.

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