Niurka Marcos reveals that there were more than kisses with Juan Vidal in LCDF: “He has an anacondota”

the controversial actress Niurka Marcos, generated a stir again after his departure from the most famous house on television, in which, until a few days ago, he competed to win the 200 thousand dollars that are at stake. Now, after his expulsion, the star of Aventurera reveals that there were more than kisses with Juan Vidal in LCDF, “he has an anacondota”He says.

It was through the microphones of different media that the Cuban Niurka Marcos without mincing words detailed the darkest and hottest events of The House of the Famouswhere in recent weeks he began a relationship with John Vidalactress’s ex-boyfriend Cynthia Klitbowho warned him that he was a playboy and that even he still owes her money.

Given the statements of the Mexican actress, and the interaction that the ex-wife of John Osorio had with the actor from the Dominican Republic, Niurka Marcos hinted that the comments do not care, and even clarified that his intention is to continue with John Vidal after he leaves the house, although aware that he will probably decide to take different paths, and that their relationship has been fleeting and the product of confinement.

Also, with the honesty and transparency that characterizes it, Niurka Marcos He did not hesitate to give details of everything that happened between them inside the house, and above all, inside the blue room, which they inhabited since the reality show began, assuring that there was more than kisses.

Mama Niuas she is nicknamed by all her fans, confessed that Juan Vidal and she had at least three meetings under the sheets, despite the fact that they were all recorded 24 hours a day, even at night.

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“He has one…this size, and co$% delicious. You don’t know what we did under the covers. Maybe when he leaves the house he won’t even remember me, but he has an anacondota, “she said.

Likewise, he did not pay attention to the warnings of Cynthia Klitbo and his ex The Group Kingwho pointed out that he was a playboy and only wanted to take advantage of Niurka Marcosassuring that he also did it with Cynthia, from whom he took all the money he could, and to date, he has not paid her.

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“Oh I don’t know what Cynthia says, and if she paid him. I did not pay her anything and she gave me… very rich, ”she emphasized.

Since his departure from The House of the Famous, Niurka Marcos has been proposed to “unmask” the production of Telemundoensuring to transmit and put on screen only the negative of her, creating a bad image of the vedette and sowing hatred towards her on social networks.

That is why he has been doing live broadcasts, interviews and press conferences telling “his truth”, and ensuring that the celebrity contest that Telemundo carries out is fixed.

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