No, BTS won’t take a break: Confusion stems from ‘poor translation’

BTS fans can be relieved, as the group of K-pop is not ready to take a break, according to the New york Post.

On Tuesday, we learned that the boys band South Korean was going to take a break to devote himself to projects solo. The members of BTS released a video in Korean earlier this week to announce the next step in their career. They would then have declared that they were going to make a “temporary break“, but promised that they “would come back one day“. The announcement sent their label plummeting to the Seoul Stock Exchange. Fans of the South Korean pop phenom in New York reacted philosophically on Wednesday, with most saying they were certain to see them together again.

However, on Thursday, the New York Post explained that the group is not breaking up and that it was a simple “mistranslation”.

To be clear, they are not on hiatus, but will take the time to explore a few projects. solo and will remain active in different formats“, said a representative of BTS to the New york Post. But let the fans be reassured, if the members will work solo, they will not stop collaborating together.

The band members said in the video that it was time to work solo so they could grow as people.

The announcement, visibly misunderstood, caused many fans to react. Most say they are certain to see them together again, without imagining how much … they were right.