“No one can tell me that this has been fair”

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.- The actress Amber Heard spoke for the first time after losing the media trial against his ex-husband Johnny Depp in which he must pay 15 million dollars.

At trial, the jury found that the statements made by the aquaman protagonist They were false, however, she maintains that the actor did physically and psychologically assault her during their marriage.

It was in an interview for the program “Today” of the NBC network that the artist supported her statements and where she also assured that the endless ridicule generated by her testimonies in court has not been taken personally.

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The actress also hinted that the jury fell for a “fantastic actor.”

In the fragment shared on social networks, it is heard saying: “If someone is sure that I deserve all this hate, even if they think I’m lying, you couldn’t look me in the eye and say that there has been fair representation on social media. No one can tell me this has been fair”.

In addition, when questioned by the journalist Savannah Guthrie about the jury not believing her, the actress said “How they could make me judge, how they could not reach the conclusion. They sat there and listened for three weeks to endless testimonials from paid employees“, he claimed.

Heard assured that he does not judge the jury for his decision. “I do not blame them. The reality is that I understand them. He continues to be a very loved character and people feel that he knows him. he is a fantastic actor”.

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However, he maintained: “How did they, after listening to testimonies for three and a half weeks about how an unbelievable person was, not believe a word that came out of my mouth?”.

Amber made it clear on several occasions that she has a very clear conscience and that only she and her loved ones know what really happened in the privacy of her ex-marriage.

I don’t care what people think of me, or what value judgments they want to make about what happened in the privacy of my own home, in my marriage, behind closed doors. I don’t assume that normal people have to know such things. So I don’t take it personally”, he mentioned.

The jury forced Heard to compensate her ex-partner with 10.35 million dollars in damages, while Depp will have to pay the actress two million dollars for the same concept.