No spotlight for Caroline of Monaco: Why does she hardly appear in public anymore?

Every year at the end of January, the Monte Carlo circus festival is not only a stage for daring and original artists from all over the world – the Monegasque ruling family also presents itself for the event in the princely box. Most of the festival also framed the birthday of Princess Caroline, the older sister of Prince Albert II of Monaco. She turns 65 on Sunday (January 23). The festival was canceled this year due to the corona pandemic. So Caroline will not be able to accept congratulations on the gala evening with the crème de la crème of the small state on the Côte d’Azur.

Will Caroline of Monaco celebrate her birthday in public?

How and in what context the princess celebrates her birthday is not known. It was a private matter, it said from the Monegasque princely palace. A public celebration is not being prepared. Princess Caroline was last seen publicly in the circle of the ruling family on the national holiday, November 19. She attended the solemn mass at Monaco Cathedral with Prince Albert II, Princess Stéphanie and others of the family.

It has been quiet for a long time about the former fairy tale princess from the House of Grimaldi, who was known as part of the international jet set. The eldest daughter of Prince Rainier III, who died in 2005. and the US film legend Grace Kelly (“Above the roofs of Nice”) plays an important role in the cultural life of the rock state.

She has also long been the president of an international children’s charity founded by her mother. Street children in the African Congo simply call her “Mama Caroline”. All these tasks, which Caroline, although she has long been a grandmother of many, certainly do not make her think about retiring at 65.

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Caroline of Monaco has been married three times

Glitz and glamour, suffering and drama run through the life of Caroline Louise Marguerite of Monaco. Raised in Ascot, England, she married Philippe Junot, an insurance man and playboy who was 17 years her senior, against her parents’ will in 1978. Two years later she was divorced. In 1983 she said yes to the Italian Stefano Casiraghi. On October 3, 1990, the love of her life died in a racing boat accident near Monaco. The three children they had together, Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre, were orphans. Caroline’s mother died in a car accident in 1982.

After this misfortune, Caroline actively supported her father Rainier, rose to become a kind of “First Lady” of the mini-state and assumed responsibility. “I’m just doing my duty and waiting for my brother to get married,” then his wife would have to take on representative tasks, the noblewoman confessed at the time. But it would take some time until then. In 2011, at the age of 53, Prince Albert II tied the knot with Charlène Wittstock, who came from South Africa.

Caroline of Monaco and husband Ernst August: Why can’t you see them together anymore?

Caroline herself had long since married the German Ernst August Prince of Hanover on her birthday in 1999 and since then her official name has also been Caroline of Hanover. The daughter of the two, Alexandra Princess of Hanover, is now 23 years old. Despite the title, Caroline is virtually invisible in Lower Saxony. Her husband, the head of the Welf family, has been absent from social events in Monaco for many years. Most recently, he stayed at his property in Upper Austria. Joint public appearances are long ago.

Children of Caroline of Monaco: The Next Generation of Monaco Nobility

The dazzling lifestyle of the Grimaldis and the tragedies in the family brought Caroline to the attention of the paparazzi and the tabloid media even as a young woman. Protecting her privacy has become a particular concern for her over the years. She went through many legal instances, even before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

However, the next generation of Monaco aristocracy has long been in the limelight. Caroline’s youngest son with her second husband, Pierre Casiraghi (34), is now one of the principality’s glamor couples with his wife Beatrice, who comes from an Italian aristocratic family. However, the two reveal little about their private life.

Daughter Charlotte Casiraghi (35) has long since married and now has two children and can often be seen in glossy sheets.

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