Noah Schnapp, the young actor of “Stranger Things” comes out

Seraphine Roger

Actor of the hit series “Stranger Things” (on Netflix), Noah Schnapp confessed in a short video posted on social networks on Friday that it took him a long time to announce his homosexuality to those close to him.

Noah Schnapp delivered himself in a short video shared on social networks this Friday, January 6. The American actor of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” announced to his nearly 32 million subscribers that he was gay. A news warmly welcomed by Internet users.

Smiling, Noah Schapp, made his announcement while relaxed on the platform TikTok. In the background of the video, a woman utters a few words that the actor had fun dubbing: “You know what it never was? Serious. It’s never been so serious. Frankly, it will never be so serious.

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During the eight second video, the following message can be read: “When I finally told my friends and family that I was gay after being secretly scared for 18 years, all they said , it’s “we knew it”.

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“I am closer to Will than I imagined”

The 18-year-old actor did not fail to draw a parallel between his personal life and the character he plays on screen: “I guess I’m closer to Will than I imagined”, he wrote in the caption of his publication.

Noah Schnapp is known for his role as Will Byers, a reserved teenager in the series “StrangerThings”. After several seasons of speculation, the veil had been lifted on the character’s membership in the LGBTQI + community. An announcement that his interpreter himself had made in an interview with “variety“: “Now that he has aged, [les créateurs] made it a very real and obvious thing. Now it’s 100% clear that he’s gay and loves Mike.”