Noah Schnapp’s criticism of the creators of ‘Stranger Things’

    The first part of the ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 It has taken us a breath, but we closely follow the new clues of the continuation and every movement of its cast and the Duffers. They are the best source of information to draw conclusions about what happened and what will happen in the next plots. Recently, they confessed that they regretted Chrissy’s death in season 4 and that decision was not liked by the fans who have shown their complaint. It seems that the creators of ‘Stranger Things’ criticism is falling on them from all sides, the last one came from the hand of Noah Schnapp and the truth is that we understand your reasons for raising your voice. The reason: that hair that he has been enduring since the first batch.

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    It is not the first time that the actor who gives life to Will Byers, one of the best characters of ‘Stranger Things’, complains about the cut that he wears on the screen and, according to what he told Insiders, he showed his discontent again before resuming the role, though her pleas were to no avail: “There’s one more season to go, but they’re sticking to that cut. It’s a classic ’80s haircut and I don’t think we’re going to lose it. They tell me that, but I’ve talked to my parents, who They lived in the ’80s, and they told me that at 16 they didn’t wear it, so I don’t know.” We understand the boy drama because bowl hair has never been very flattering, especially when you’re already in your teens.

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