Nodal and Rosalía celebrated the New Year together

The famous singers celebrated the arrival of 2023 in Japan. They did it in the company of their respective partners.

Christian Nodal and Rosalía welcomed the new year together in Japan. Evidence has remained of that meeting. It has been the Catalan singer herself who has shown with some photographs published on her Instagram account, how much fun she had next to the Mexican artist.

This celebration was also attended by cazzu, the girlfriend of the interpreter of “Botella after bottle”, and Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía’s boyfriend. Other friends were also present at this meeting.

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The interpreter of “Motomami” published several postcards where it is seen that she had a great time in Tokyo. In the first image of the carousel of photographs, the Spanish woman is seen in what appears to be a bar. In other snapshots, Nodal and his girlfriend are seen sitting with other people. They both look relaxed, enjoying the moment with friends.

“Happy New Yearoooooo!” he wrote. rosalia to accompany these photographs.

Internet users reacted to the union of celebrities with various messages.

“Nodal get out of there, that’s not your family haha”, “Rosi with Cazzu the best crossover to close 2022”; “Nodal and Rosalía have known each other since 2021; Cazzu is a friend of Rauw and Nodal of Rosalía”; “I love seeing them all together. Happy 2023 to all Rosalía, Rauw Alejandro, Cazzu, Christian Nodal. All the best family”; “Are some rancheras coming with Rosalía and Nodal? Pure talent, Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Happy New Year Motomami”, and “How random that Rosi and Nodal spent the New Year together”, commented some followers of the singers.