Nodal as a model shows his stuff in the bunny magazine

It gets in the eye of the hurricane Christian Nodal after appearing on the cover of the magazine Playboy from New Zealand, in his May issue in the images he moved to show his modeling skills.

The best-known magazine put the Mexican regional music singer, Christian Nodal With some photographs in which she dazzled with all her beauty, it seems that she is fighting Belinda by showing her charm.

The singer proved to be international when making this magazine that is spread in New Zealandhence a wave of intense reactions was unleashed, as the May issue of Playboy Christian Nodal adorns with its beauty and style.

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just a few hours ago Belinda He was also surprised, but on social networks, sharing photos in a bikini, in them he showed everything that was the owner of the success “Toxic Love” and that he let go.

It is said that he has already started an affair with a beautiful model from Sinaloa who brings him from a wing, however the singer has not confirmed anything nor has he been seen sharing with the young girl on his social networks.

No doubt Christian Nodal this time surprised everyone with these postcards that made an impact. It is the first time that a celebrity of the stature of the Mexican singer-songwriter is made known in this type of magazine.

The band exponent said that it had been a beautiful experience working with the most successful magazine of all time. The singer posed for seven postcards that were saved and that marked the history of his career.

There were various scenarios and environments in which he showed that Mexican gallant bearing that has catapulted him to fame, as he has achieved great success thanks to having the perfect complement of talent and his charming style.

It should be noted that among the most suggestive images and attached to the style of Playboy Nodal poses with Natalie Lopezwho lying down caresses the singer’s face, giving the impression that they will kiss.

Undoubtedly, the celebrity’s personality was reflected in those photographs that are causing a stir in New Zealand and the world, as he showed his charms in various poses risky and daring.

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Surely Belinda licks her mustaches of what she let go, since she highlighted her dark complexion and that charisma that conquers her fans, there are millions of women who drool over the 23-year-old singer from Sonora.

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