Nodal boasts a cover where he is described as a sexually promiscuous heartthrob

After the breakup with his ex, it is clear that Christian Nodal is dedicated to his work and to renewing himself in every way, without forgetting the romantic conquests that persecute him and of which little by little details are known.

This week, the singer boasted a new achievement: Being the cover of the New Zealand edition of Playboy magazine for this May 2022.

On the cover they describe it: “Mexico’s Playboy goes international.”

But according to the Royal Spanish Academy, the definition of the word Playboy is: “Man, generally rich and attractive, with an idle and sexually promiscuous life.”

To this is added the story that we present to you this week, with the creator of erotic content Andrea Fonsecawho during an interview on a YouTube channel confirmed that he had dated for seven months “with a famous singer”, and that it was Christian Nodal.

In an interview with TVyNovelas, the Venezuelan assured that she made these statements accidentally and that she is not looking to hang on to anyone’s fame.

That was many years ago and we weren’t even dating, it was something X. I didn’t even want it to be known, and I complained to the person who uploaded the video because it could get me into legal trouble, when I didn’t authorize anything at all. And worse, because I am an adult content creator.”

“We only met a couple of times in that time, here in Mexico City, and that was it.”