Nodal gets angry! He goes to the US because “in Mexico you cannot have a luxury car”

Christian Nodal He had a conversation with his followers through Twitch in which he touched on all the topics they asked him: from Belinda’s engagement ring to the health status of his mother, who was diagnosed with cancer but is now healthy, which He claims it was a misdiagnosis.

The Grammy-winning singer decided to come clean and explain the reasons why he has decided that most of his residency will now be in the United States.

“Aren’t you going to live in Mexico anymore?” they asked. Nodal He responded with a grimace and in an anguished tone said: Well, it’s very complicated to live in Mexico. You can’t have your nice car, your nice house, because everyone is going to know where you live.”

Christian Nodal He explained how living in Mexico feels threatened by two situations: insecurity and lack of privacy.

When compared to the United States, Nodal explains that in the neighboring country the situation is totally different in these aspects.

“It happened to me in Mexico (not having privacy) because I had a Ferrari that only one existed in all of Mexico and well, everyone knew where it was and where it was going,” Nodal said when telling what he had to go through.

What he has found in the United States, he says, is a sea change.

“Here there are a lot of people who have their luxury cars, their houses and everything; It’s not like people are surprised (by luxury); It’s not like in Mexico where people say ‘oh don’t stain’”.

Faced with criticism from some followers who interpreted his phrases as the fact that Nodal has decided to move from Mexico because he can not enjoy luxuries, the singer responded immediately through a Twitter message.

“I spent a while telling them why I like the United States and that I will probably stay here and they come out with their things that I stay to show off luxuries.”

He stressed that he has every right to enjoy the product of his work and that this does not mean that he belittles Mexico, but simply points out some of the most serious problems in our country.

“Sure! I want to enjoy what I earn but they left out the part where I have no privacy and security is ugly. Is it new?

Regarding your mother’s health, Nodal He said that what they experienced was not a miracle but a misdiagnosis. Her mother was going to be operated on for a colon tumor, but when performing the pre-operative studies it turned out that the tumor had disappeared.