Nodal would be preparing his wedding with Cazzu in Guatemala

Five months after announcing the end of his relationship with Belinda, Christian NodaHe is still in the eye of the storm, this time because it came to light that I would be preparing a wedding with Cazzueven with place and priest.

There is no doubt that the Mexican regional music singer is more than willing to continue with his wedding plans, even if it is not with the Spanish but with the Argentine rapper Cazzu, his most recent conquest.

After he announced his breakup with Belinda, Christian Nodal had been dating multiple women whom he called “friends” but held hands and was very affectionate, but it seems that this time he did find the “good” one with who could get marriage.

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The relationship between the mariacheño and Cazzu It is not as public as it seems, since there is not a single photograph of the two together in any of their profiles on social networks, however, they have been captured in multiple concerts of the Outlaw Tourvisiting places like Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Chile.

Nodal would be preparing a wedding with Cazzu, even with a place and a priest. Photo: Instagram

It was just in early June of this 2022 that Nodal and the young rapper were seen eating ice cream while walking holding hands through the streets of Antigua, in Guatemala, so it quickly began to circulate on social networks that the 23-year-old interpreter had finally found his “half orange”.

However, they are back on everyone’s lips after a priest from Antigua, Guatemala shared a photograph of the artists in the La Merced Conventand the clergyman assured that the singer would have revealed his intentions to marry in that city.

Nodal would be preparing a wedding with Cazzu, even with a place and a priest. Photo: Instagram

The images shared by the priest Luis Castillo, known as the father chococaused a furor on social networks, where he also shared the message that lit the spotlight on a possible wedding.

“A great guy with great simplicity! He told me in a humorous tone: ‘if one day I get married, it will be here and Father Choco will marry me’… They said goodbye to me with a hug. They left with a rosary around their necks that I gave them, while I sincerely told them: remember that in Antigua you have a priest friend”.

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On the other hand, these images came out at the same time that a video circulated in which Nodal is behind the scenes at one of his concerts and is seen saying ‘love you’ to Cazzu, so this romance could end in a wedding.

Nodal would be preparing a wedding with Cazzu, even with a place and a priest. Photo: Instagram

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