Noée Abita: “Young people have the power to change things but they don’t know it”

She no longer remembers precisely where her desire for cinema was born, surely in childhood with the Italian films that her mother showed her. She details in more detail all the times she dreamed of “slamming the door and never coming back”. His previous feature film, Slalom of Charlène Favier, could have made her let go for good. Skiing, the mountain and its negative temperatures, the subject of the film itself (a young prodigy under the influence of her abusive coach), the acuity with which all the violence, psychological and sexual, is described there. “I went there because I knew I would be in good hands. That it was to make Beauty, in a concrete and a little more spiritual way. The idea that this film would nurture all those who took part in it”, she recalls.

The efforts will have paid off: a press that is full of praise and a first nomination for the best female hope for the Césars. But there again, nothing that could divert Noée Abita from her path. “My dream is not to become a huge actress. My dream is to meet great actors, actresses or filmmakers who make me work, I want to make their dreams come true. If I can’t do this anymore, I’ll move on.” Prestigious partners, she wanted them, Mikhaël Hers offered them to her on a platter. “I grew up with Charlotte Gainsbourg films. She has a very different universe from that of Emmanuelle Béart, and at the same time they are so alike! They have incredible strength, they are lionesses.”


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great expectations

Projects, if the flashes of the photographers ceased one day to shine her face, she does not lack either. “I would love to go back to my studies, set up a school, create a different pedagogy than the one that national education offers us.” Others, which she will try to study more carefully. “I would love to go to an island and raise sheep, become a shepherdess!” she says with a burst of laughter. One can easily imagine the pensive pout of his entourage. Noée Abita is there, but as the title of the film announces, as a passenger, never quite sure of remaining seated until the next stop. She exudes great serenity but also a desire to surprise herself, to surpass her own expectations. “I go there by feeling. Sometimes it’s meeting the director, sometimes I need time, sometimes it’s a little thing like the character I love. But I still want to continue the cinema. I don’t know if I’m afraid of no longer being wanted, but I tell myself that it’s surely part of the job, that thrill. You would have to be a hypocrite to say otherwise.”