Nolwenn Leroy mom: why she waited a long time with Arnaud Clément to start a family

This Monday, March 21, Nolwenn Leroy was the guest of The house of motherhood on France 2. The singer took the opportunity to reveal why she waited a long time before starting a family with Arnaud Clément.

It’s a show in which we would not have imagined Nolwenn Leroy. This Monday, March 21, the singer, however very discreet when it comes to talking about her family life, was the guest of Agathe Lecaron in The Kindergarten House on France 2.”It was important to me to be there“, she says, adding that she watched the show when she was pregnant with her son. took time to point the tip of his nose since his parents had already been in a relationship for nine years.

Nevertheless, the companion of Arnaud Clément assures him, if they took a long time to have a baby it is – fortunately – not because they had trouble procreating but by choice. “We both had very demanding jobs. Him almost more than me because he traveled all the time, all year round“, recalls the surprised coach of The Voice. And to develop:It was a desire to wait, to be there, to be able to be 100% present because both of us do not delegate much“. Their little Marin is indeed not educated by nannies who pass the baton as the day goes on. No, Nolwenn Leroy and Arnaud Clément want to be present for their little ones daily. And when they need help, they have “luck“to be able to count on their family, and in particular on the mother of Nolwenn Leroy who”is often there“.

Nolwenn Leroy wanted to “wait for the right moment” to have a child

But it’s true that we really take care of our little boy“, says this mother wolf, confident: “We want to enjoy every moment“. What their atypical jobs allow them. It is therefore quite simply to see their little one grow up and not miss any moment that the two lovebirds have decided to wait before welcoming him. “I couldn’t see myself doing things any other way.“, recognizes Nolwenn Leroy. And to be enthusiastic in conclusion: “I have this possibility there so I wanted to wait for the right moment to be able to devote myself to him fully“. Rare and touching confidences from an usually rather stingy mother to pour out on her toddler of almost five years.


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