Nolwenn Leroy soon to be a mother for the second time? She confides in her desire for pregnancy

Being a mom is probably the best thing that happened to Nolwenn Leroy. The latter who had made revelations during her presence on the set La Maison des Maternelles. The one who had been placed at the center of a huge controversy with Laurent Baffie had indeed confessed to having been so attached to her son that she breastfed him well beyond his two years. If for her, it was much more than obvious, we have to believe that this is not the case for all mothers. This is why support may sometimes be necessary to help breastfeeding mothers go through with it.

Nolwenn Leroy her pregnancy desires

Nolwenn Leroy file in any case today the perfect love with Arnaud Clément. This former tennis player has indeed managed to conquer her heart so much that they ended up having their first child in 2017. Being a parent is for the singer the most wonderful thing that has happened to her and she does not close the doors to the possibility of trying the experience again. Always the singer to reveal that she had a sister and that she would like her son to also benefit from this completely positive experience.

Only, the career of Nolwenn Leroy is in his eyes still a priority over the rest. Her fans will therefore have to wait a little longer before she announces a possible second pregnancy. Marin makes all her happiness for the moment and she can be content with that. She who did not choose this first name by chance.