Nolwenn soon again mom? Her secrets about her desire for pregnancy

Nolwenn Leroy confided in the joys and desires of motherhood in La Maison des Maternelles on France 5, Monday March 21. The singer confided in an open heart.

In 2017, Nolwenn Leroy welcomes her first child. A child born from his love for the former tennis player, Arnaud Clement. The little Marin is the joy of the parents, who would now like to enlarge the family. “I loved having a little sister so I would like to bring that to my son, found Nolwenn Leroy in The Kindergarten House on France 5, this Monday. Even if there are brothers and sisters who can’t stand each other, it’s not a drama either.” A role that the star revealed in the star Academy loves to endorse and which she had long dreamed of. But too taken by the music, she had to be patient.

Nolwenn Leroy confided in particular on breastfeeding. She breastfed her son Marin “well after” his 2 years. “There was this desire, she explained in The Kindergarten House. Yes it’s natural but it’s not easy in the sense that you need support.” She adds :Maybe that’s why some moms don’t go all the way. You really have to have self-confidence to be able to breastfeed and you have to devote yourself exclusively to that. You have to be able to rest well.”

A singer proud of her Breton origins

Proud of her Breton origins, Nolwenn Leroy will she give a Breton first name to her second child? In an interview given to Pure Peoplethe star explained why she opted for Marin: At first, I wanted to give my son a purely Breton, Celtic name, and then finally this first name imposed itself because it carries all of Brittany within it, but also far beyond courage, travel, sailors. The sea. Everything brings me back to the sea. It is an infinite source of inspiration.

On July 13, Marine will celebrate its 5th anniversary.


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