Norbert Tarayre: why he formally refuses to participate in Mask Singer

While season 4 of Mask Singer has been confirmed, everyone is wondering which celebrities will participate in this next edition. One thing is certain, Norbert Tarayre will not be one of the personalities to be unmasked.

This is the favorite survey of the French. For three seasons, Camille Combal animates with joy Mask Singer on TF1. A program in which celebrities hide under costumes, and must be guessed only thanks to their voices. In season 3, the juries were even entitled to two international stars. There have been Seal, which brought tears to Anggun’s eyes. And finally Teri Hatcherwho agreed to slip into the ladybug costume.

On the side of the French stars, there was Pierre Palmade who simply agreed to participate in the program “for money”. “It’s a lot more fun to do than you think… To be honest, I went there for the moneyand I came away saying, ‘I had a blast!’”, revealed the acolyte of Michèle Laroque in The big heads. Inevitably, with this five-star cast, everyone is now wondering who will be the next celebrities to hide in Mask Singer.

Norbert Tarayre does not participate in Mask Singer for a very simple reason

For this fourth season, exit Anggun, Jarry and Alessandra Sublet in the jury. If Camille Combal keeps his role as presenter, he will only find Kev Adamswho will investigate with Chantal Ladesou, Vitaa and Jeff Panacloc. On the side of the personalities, the mystery is obviously in order. However, do not rely on Norbert Tarayre to slip under the costume of the dragon, the shark or even the deer. The famous chef formally refuses to participate in Mask Singer. And for a very simple reason!

The reason why I will never participate in Mask Singer is very simple, it is that I sing very badly”, revealed the judge of the Combat of the regions: my cuisine is the best in FrancewithParis here. “A few months ago, on W9, during All against cancerI had to push the song with Stéphane Bern and Black M. Both told me ‘above all, you do playback‘. They had heard me during rehearsals. I can do anything, but singing is not possible”, affirmed Norbert Tarayre. What to reduce the list of potential celebrities who could participate in Mask Singer !