Nórida Rodríguez dedicated a message to ‘Toto’ Vega for Día de Velitas and moved

As he has done on several occasions, the wife of the late actor, Nórida Rodríguez, with whom he shared his life for more than 22 years, recalled his memory this Wednesday, December 7.

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Taking into account that the day of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated, and that many take the opportunity to share with family and friends lighting candles at night, The also actress lit a candle to dedicate a few words to the man she loved the most.

Lighting the candle in front of a photograph of ‘Toto’ Vega, Rodríguez expressed the pain that the loss of her husband still causes her, who died on September 26 after presenting his Green Film Festival.

Recording Vega’s photo, Nórida Rodríguez —who recently revealed unpublished images of what their relationship was like— dedicated heartfelt words in which she expressed her desire to be able to share a moment with the actor again.

“What I would give for a minute with you again, to hear your voice, to see myself in your eyes, to laugh with you… What I would give for a moment in your arms, stick to your chest and listen to your heart,” he assured in the video shared on his Instagram account.

The reactions of his followers did not wait and many of them sent him strength on this type of special date.

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“A big hug, dear Nórida”, “May God calm your heart and may the memory of that beautiful love embrace you all the time”, “Ugh, you made me cry” “From eternity it accompanies you, it is your infinite light”, “God fill you with a lot of strength woman”, “my adored nonna, I ask God to continue giving you the strength you need”, “how difficult. I went through the same thing and I understand you.” “inevitable not to feel your pain”, were some of the comments that the publication received.