Norman Reedus: He reports to his fans after the accident

Norman Reedus
He reports to his fans after the accident

Norman Reedus has been in since season one "the Walking Dead" to see.

Norman Reedus has appeared on The Walking Dead since season one.

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Norman Reedus took to Instagram following his accident on the set of The Walking Dead.

“The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus (53) contacted his fans after suffering a concussion and thanked them for their recovery wishes. He also gave an update on his health. In an Instagram post he explains: “I had an accident. But I’m better and I’ll be back at work on Tuesday, they told me. And sorry about the event in Atlanta, I was looking forward to it.” Reedus was scheduled to be part of the Fandemic Dead Show in Atlanta, scheduled for March 18-20.

The actor reportedly sustained the injury on the set of AMC’s The Walking Dead. A spokesman for the US broadcaster confirmed to the US magazine “People” that Reedus suffered a concussion while filming. “He is recovering well and will return to work soon,” the rep was quoted as saying. His failure will therefore not have a major impact on “The Walking Dead”, the completion of the last filming will only be delayed “by a few days”. The report did not say exactly how the injury occurred.

Final season of “The Walking Dead”

Reedus is one of the few cast members to have stayed with the long-running horror series since season one, which began in 2010. Unlike most other characters, his is not based on the comic of the same name, but was invented in the series adaptation and quickly became a fan favorite.

The last season of “The Walking Dead” was split into three parts with 24 episodes due to excessive length. The first eight episodes were released on Disney+ in 2021, part two started in February and the series should also end this year.