Not even in prison! Kim Kardashian does not accept the color and other clothing rules for her employees – Nueva Mujer

Kim Kardashian never ceases to amaze, but this time It is not for a daring look like the ones she usually wears, the reason for this article was actually one of her statements she made for the Angie Martinez IRL podcastwhere they entered the depths of her office to learn more about the businesswoman and owner of SKIMS.

During this interview, Kim Kardashian burst into tears when talking about his separation with Kanye Westtalking about the co-parenting difficultiesHe also clarified that he did not want to entangle his children in everything that has been said about their father, since they were still very young and I also did not want to influence in a negative way in them or in the perspective they have of the rapper.

“If you don’t know the things that are being said or what is going on in the world, why would it bring you that energy? That’s some really heavy adult bullshit they’re not ready to deal with.”.

The businesswoman also spoke about how much it had affected him the much talked about controversy with the brand Spanish Balenciagaafter his last campaign with children, stuffed animals and harnesses and other objects not suitable for children.

The strict dress code that Kim Kardashian’s employees have

During the Interview, angie martinez questioned Kim Kardashian, after seeing the atmosphere in her office, where some employees came to pass where that podcast episode was being recorded.

The interviewer asked Kardashian about the color palette her employees used to dress, as she had noticed that they were all coordinatedto which Kim replied that this was not a coincidence, that in reality she had uniforms.

He commented that his main objective was to find that the spaces were comfortable for his employees, a relaxed and zen environmentso it is important to her that everyone could stick to the color range that is used on the walls and in the decoration of the spaces, both in offices and at homewhich are mostly neutral.

“We can stick to everything neutral. Not many colors”commented Kim Kardashian during the interview.

The businesswoman also added that it is not really a specific uniform, but to adapt to a color palette that she herself had proposed in a manual where the shades of grey, heather, black, navy blue, white, cream and khakieach of them could adapt to the one they liked best on a voluntary basis, emphasizing that none of the employees had been forced to follow these rules strict but that everyone thought it was a good idea. More neutrals, less color blocking.

Recently, Kardashian also commented that his Malibu mansion was decorated in monochromatic tones with the purpose of relaxing after such a hectic lifestyle that leads between campaigns, work and the media.