“Not made for the household”: Lauterbach: I’m not a good match in a flat share

“Not made for household”
Lauterbach: I’m not a good match in a flat share

Karl Lauterbach does not recommend himself as a roommate. With him, the housework often gets left behind or is only delivered with “lower quality”. In an interview, the SPD politician talks about living with his daughter, her Christmas dinner and anti-hangover medication.

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach is living alone again after having shared an apartment in Berlin with his adult daughter Rosa for many years. “My daughter recently moved out because she is now working in Cologne,” the SPD politician told “Bild am Sonntag”.

The minister admitted that he was not a simple roommate. “I have to admit that I’m not a good match in a flat share. Very often I have to apologize with favors because I missed my housework again or delivered poor quality,” said the 59-year-old. He was “simply not made for the household”.

This is also reflected in cooking at Christmas. His eldest daughter Rosa was responsible for preparing the menu on Christmas Eve. “She’s a vegetarian like me and then cooks without salt for my sake. Compared to me, she’s a master chef. So I have to rely on my children when cooking. With me at the stove, the food would be inedible at best,” admitted Lauterbach self-critically . Lentil soup is served at Christmas, then fish with vegetables and finally chocolate pudding made from avocado.

Lauterbach reveals anti-hangover trick

However, the roast is also “completely okay on public holidays”. Nevertheless, the health expert appealed in the newspaper to generally limit the consumption of meat. On the one hand, because high consumption can have serious health consequences, on the other hand, to do something about factory farming and climate change.

Alcohol consumption should also be in moderation. “A glass of red wine is even healthy,” he said. According to studies, however, the harmful effects predominate from the second glass onwards. The digestive schnapps that is so popular in Germany, on the other hand, has no positive effect. “The study says that the stomach has even more work to do with schnapps,” explained Lauterbach, adding: “But the placebo effect of schnapps is so pronounced here that we can recommend a schnapps.” In the event that one or the other glass was too many, the passionate wine drinker revealed his anti-hangover remedy. So “a double espresso after the end of the party” should help.