Not only Belinda, Christian Nodal is also leaving Mexico: these are his reasons

It seems that the Mexican regional singer Christian Nodal is following in the footsteps of Belinda and surprised his fans by announcing that he leaves Mexico to live in the United States.

In a conversation with his fans through Twich, he explained the reasons why now reside in Los Angeles, Californiaand according to none it has to do after his breakup with the singer and actress.

“It is very complicated to live in Mexico, you cannot have anything to taste”assured the interpreter of Bottle after Bottle.

Nodal stated that, unlike in the US, has no privacy in his own country and everyone finds out about his life and what he even buys.

“You cannot have your nice car, your nice house because everyone is going to know where you live, everyone is going to know what car you drive. happened to me, He had a Ferrari that only existed in all of Mexico and well it was obvious that people knew where it was, when it happened and all that. And I didn’t like that there was no privacy.”he expressed.

He reiterated that these situations do not happen in the neighboring country: “There are a lot of people who have their cars, their luxuries. So they are not surprised and in Mexico yes “.


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