Not pompous at all: Harald Glööckler celebrated Christmas with his husband and housekeeper

TV Germany loves its pompous and extravagant appearances. When the spotlight hits Harald Glööckler, the big show is usually announced. The designer likes to present himself to the public with perfect make-up, a freshly colored beard and eye-catching outfits. He loves swank, pomp and celebrity status.

Shrill and conspicuously prepared: Show performances by Harald Glööckler are legendary

But on Christmas of all days, the 57-year-old showed himself from a different side. Instead of glitter and a show toupee, Harald Glööckler wore a black jacket with a turtleneck sweater, which was simple by his standards, and large, dark sunglasses. But of course the whole dress is still very glamorous! After all these years full of flashy appearances, one is no longer used to so much fashion restraint.

Harald Glööckler visits with Dieter Schroth and Marlene Hase in Wirtshaus in der Pfalz

Because: Harald Glööckler celebrated Christmas in a bourgeois restaurant in his home town of Kirchheim an der Weinstraße. The designer hasn’t lived in Berlin for a few years now, but in western Germany in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Corner bench and simply laid table: Harald Glööckler feels at home

Glööckler published an Instagram photo on Boxing Day that shows him with her husband Dieter Schroth and housekeeper Marlene Hase at the simply decorated table in the inn. “Merry Christmas. We’re celebrating today at Ochs und Tail in Kirchheim. It’s great,” comments the 57-year-old. It becomes clear: Glööckler only spent the holidays with his closest confidants.

Get along well: Anouschka Renzi and Harald Glööckler in the RTL jungle camp

Before-today comparison with Harald Glööckler: Photos show changes …


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Harald Glööckler at his birthday garden party

Harald Glööckler shows himself without make-up: look behind the facade amazed


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Fans and followers are delighted with the photo of the designer on Stefanitag – also because Glööckler is finally showing his husband again. In the summer there were rumors that the two had split up. But in the last AZ interview, Glööckler confirmed: “Our relationship is: We are still ‘partnered’, that hasn’t changed.”

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