“Not seen for far too long”

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“Not seen for far too long”
Giovanni Zarrella and Florian Silbereisen apparently haven’t seen each other for a while, but it could work out soon: the folk musician’s next hit show will take place on July 9 (photomontage) © Future Image/3S PHOTOGRAPHY/Imago

A close friendship has developed between Giovanni Zarrella and Florian Silbereisen in recent years. But the hit stars have “not seen each other for far too long”, as the former Bro’Sis singer reveals on Instagram. However, it could happen soon…

Cologne – Because both Giovanni Zarella and his buddy Florian Silbereisen have tight schedules, there is not as much time for friendship as the two would like. On Instagram, the German-Italian hit star reveals that a reunion is long overdue – and suggests that it could soon be time!

Giovanni Zarrella hopes to see Florian Silbereisen again – is he coming to the Schlager beach party?

Because Giovanni Zarrella was on his way to filming, the pop singer used the time to answer his followers’ questions on Instagram. A fan asked the 44-year-old whether he was in “Flori’s next show”. This will be broadcast live from Gelsenkirchen on the first channel on July 9th at 8:15 p.m. as “The big Schlagerstrandparty 2022”.

Instagram story of pop star Giovanni Zarrella
“I would very much like to be there and have already blocked the day in my calendar,” Giovanni Zarrella replied to a fan when asked if he would take part in the next Florian Silbereisen show © Screenshot/Instagram/Giovanni Zarrella

Florian Silbereisen welcomes stars like Andreas Gabalier or Matthias Reim there – Giovanni Zarrella, on the other hand, does not (yet?) appear on the guest list. But the “Ciao!” interpreter gave his fans a hint that he would soon be reunited with his “dear friend Flo”: “I would very much like to be there and have already blocked the day in my calendar,” said the former Bro’SIs star, who also revealed that he hadn’t seen Silbereisen “for far too long”.

Does Giovanni Zarrellas give a hint about the hit beach party? He took extra time off

However, the post does not reveal whether Giovanni Zarrella is actually celebrating in Gelsenkirchen at Florian Silbereisen’s hit beach party on the 19th. The fact that he took extra time off for his buddy at least gives hope.

The husband of the model and presenter Jana Ina Zarrella is currently doing a lot of TV appointments anyway. On Friday (June 10) he made a guest appearance on “Riverboat” on MDR. There, Giovanni Zarrella revealed that Robbie Williams’ “Angels” was his “anchor” during his career low. Sources used: instagram.com/giovannizarrella