Notary worker who helped Josimar process signature was fired and denounced | Marisol Pérez Tello Magaly Medina entertainment RMMN | PEOPLE

Carlos Andrés La Rosa Rincón, worker at the Marisol Pérez Tello notary office involved in the irregular procedure that Josimar would have done to get his eldest daughter out of the country, he was fired and criminally denounced.

The former Minister of Justice appeared tonight on the program of Magaly Medina to inform that the motorized personnel in charge of taking the fingerprint of the salsero was denounced before the Provincial Criminal Prosecutor of Lima for the crime of ideological falsehood.

As detailed, La Rosa would have lied when pointing out that he validated the salsero’s fingerprint, despite the fact that the artist is not in the country, since he has been living in the United States since 2021.

The testimony of those involved:

César Dávila, Josimar’s lawyer, assured that the arrest of the mother of the interpreter of “With the same currency” originated because the notary Pérez Tello misplaced the digital signature of the Peruvian artist, however, the former Minister of Justice denies it.

It’s a lie, this is also illegal and a crime. This is about a forgery of a signature on a document that is true, that is called ideological falsehood in a public document”clarified the lawyer.

In conversation with Magaly Medina, the former congresswoman assured that Josimar turned to Carlos La Rosa to help him process the permit for his daughter to travel to the United States. In this sense, the artist would have urged the worker to allow his representative in Peru to sign said document, despite the fact that this constitutes a crime.


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