Nothing from Miss Universe, Irma Miranda is a princess in a ball gown with flowers

This year is about to end and for Irma Miranda The countdown begins because the moment she has waited for so long is drawing near: Miss Universe, as she longs to be the winner. “Believe that you can do it, and you will have already gone halfway”, that is the phrase with which she has externalized this.

Her full name is Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela, but she is simply known as Irma Miranda, the 26-year-old girl she has conquered with her beauty, charisma and security. At every event, convey this. And the same thing happens through the photos you post on your Instagram account.

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As proof of this, the native of Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, posted three photos that take her breath away because, nothing from Miss Universe, she’s a princess in a ball gown with flowers.

Irma Miranda wore the gala dress for the Photoshoot by the photographer Raúl Olguín, who works with the participants of Mexicana Universal. In total, the young woman published three photos of her and in each one she has a different pose, but she maintains the elegance, class and bearing that characterize her.

Nothing from Miss Universe, Irma Miranda is a princess in a ball gown with flowers. Photos: Instagram Irma Miranda.

design with applications

It is impossible not to notice the garment that belongs to the designer Julio Moranchel, who focuses on making ball gowns. In this case, the dress is princess-cut, so the top highlights the slender silhouette of the graduate in business administration.

Then comes the majestic skirt that, as is typical of this cut, has great volume. What makes the dress special are the red flower applications with green details. These cover the upper part and extend subtly towards the length of the dress. To emphasize the waist, the gala dress has a ribbon in that area, as if it were a belt.

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winning mentality

The contrast is harmonious, since beige is classic and elegant, while red adds life and passion. Yes, passion that reflects the emotion of Irma Miranda, who wrote a special phrase to accompany the images: “believe you can do it, and you’re halfway there”.

In this way, Irma Mirada states that she is ready for Miss Universe whose 72nd edition will take place next January 14, 2023. The headquarters will be the Ernest Convention Center, in New Orleans, United States.

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