Now it’s really slimming down!: Pietro Lombardi finds himself a “bit chubby”

Now it’s really getting slimmed down!
Pietro Lombardi finds himself a “bit chubby”

Two years ago, Pietro Lombardi complained about massive weight gain and tackled the problem. In the end 20 kilos are gone. But not for long, because now the singer is heavier than ever. Once again he wants to get to grips with the bacon.

In 2020, Pietro Lombardi’s scales sounded the alarm. At that time, the singer declared war on bacon – with success. He changed his diet and did a lot of sports. In the end, he was able to enjoy a weight loss of around 20 kilos, which he proudly presented to his Instagram followers. But the ongoing corona pandemic apparently took its toll, because now – a good two years later – the 29-year-old complains again about being a “bit chubby”.

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In his Instagram story Lombardi explains that he really wants to or has to tackle the problem now. Because the countdown to the start of his own “Lombardi Show” on RTL + is already running, and by then ten kilos should have disappeared. “I’m fat,” said Lombardi openly, honestly and self-critically. In the mirror of an elevator, he presents his hips, which are “a complete garbage can,” as he calls it.

As “thick” as never before

In 2021, Pietro Lombardi took a break, refrained from live performances, and also warned others to exercise restraint in times of the pandemic. And then what happened to so many others because of the reduced activity happened: the weight went up slowly but steadily. The “asparagus tarzan” of yore became 106 kilos live weight. Lombardi was “thick” like never before, he admitted at the end of March. Even then he made up his mind to do sports regularly, but apparently not much happened in this regard.

It can only be speculated whether the ice cream that Pietro Lombardi launched together with Lukas Podolski under the name “Ice Cream United” is responsible for the increase. He just did too on Instagram the new variety “Spaghetti Style” presented, and it should be quite high in terms of calories. It is unclear how much time Lombardi has to lose the targeted ten kilograms, because the start date of the “Lombardi Show” is not yet known.