Now Jasmin is talking about the makeover scandal

In the makeover episode last week, one in particular caused a stir: Jasmin Sainabou Jaegers, 23, who had her long wig shortened on her own. Model mom Heidi Klum, 48, was not at all enthusiastic and threw Jasmine and her new hairstyle out of the show. Now Jasmin explains what really happened from her point of view.

  • During the makeover, Jasmin caused a stir because she had her wig shortened
  • Heidi Klum felt the action was “disrespectful” and threw Jasmine out of the show
  • Now she tells her version of the story

GNTM: Jasmine causes a stir during the makeover

The makeover causes a lot every year tears and drama with the young models. There was more than enough of that again this year, because even if only half of the candidates missed a make-over, this was for it “all the more extreme”, as Heidi Klum announced in advance. It was probably Vanessa who was hit the hardest, who had to swap her long hair for a short bob, which she then dyed bright green. Even if she has to get used to this look, Vanessa carried the change with composure, her boyfriend was even enthusiastic about her new look.

But it wasn’t Vanessa who drew attention, but fellow campaigner Jasmine. Heidi thought about giving Jasmine an extremely long real hair wig so that she looks like Naomi Campbell. A great honor, but Jasmin was anything but enthusiastic, her hair was simply too long, which is why she chose it had it shortened by 30 centimeters by handafter Heidi left the set. The model mom was more than shocked by the action “disrespectful” and threw Jasmine out of the show. Now the disgraced candidate spoke about how she thinks the situation unfolded.

GNTM: “I don’t really care”

In her Instagram story, the eliminated candidate told their version of their story. Because the viewers saw on television how Jasmin Heidi partly lied to by claiming that the stylist had shortened the wig because it was crooked and not because Jasmin had asked her to. Now she reminded her followers:

You just have to remember that not everything is posted.

According to her, she had already mentioned beforehand that the stylist had shortened the wig at her own request, which was not shown on TV. This gave the viewers the impression that Jasmine had deliberately lied, even if this is allegedly not the case. That their action, a 7,000 euros cutting an expensive wig, met with criticism online, doesn’t seem to bother her:

I know the truth and what you make of it nowI don’t really care.

Source used: Instagram