Now Pietro Lombardi is talking about the dispute with Stefano Zarrella

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Of: Julia Hanigk

Stefano Zarrella did not appear at Pietro Lombardi’s baby shower. The two had a fight. Now the DSDS star gives details.

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi (30) always called Stefano Zarrella (31) his “brother”, the two were seen together in Instagram stories or in cooking videos of the Zarrella scion. In fact, Zarrella is also Lombardi’s manager. Now there is apparently trouble between the two behind the scenes.

Stefano Zarrella and Pietro Lombardi in a clinch: He didn’t come to the DSDS star’s baby shower

There seems to be some stress in the Lombardi home. A public dispute has just developed between the DSDS juror and his ex-wife Sarah Engels about the hair of their son Alessio. She says she didn’t know anything and only saw it in the Instagram clip at the father-to-be’s gender reveal party. He says she knows “the truth”. Now there is also Zoff with Stefano Zarrella!

Now Pietro Lombardi is talking about the dispute with Stefano Zarrella
There is currently radio silence between Pietro Lombardi and Stefano Zarrella. © Screenshots Instagram/pietrolombardi/stefanozarrella

It’s not known what exactly sparked the argument between the two, but it all started with the baby shower clip. Because fans noticed that Stefano and his girlfriend Romina Palm were not present as guests as usual. The question arose whether perhaps Pietro’s friend Laura Maria Rypa had something to do with it.

“We’ve always been a team”: Zarrella and Lombardi’s house blessing is crooked

In an Instagram question and answer session, a follower of Pietro Lombardi wanted to know: “Why wasn’t Stefano at your baby shower, you were always a team”. The DSDS star then admits: “Yes, something happened that just wasn’t okay with me. Especially since we’ve always been a team, I didn’t expect it.”

Pietro Lombardi comments on the dispute with Stefano Zarrella.
Pietro Lombardi comments on the dispute with Stefano Zarrella. © Screenshot Instagram/pietrolombardi

Giovanni Zarrella’s brother has already apologized and decided not to come to the baby shower even though he was invited. In the meantime, however, the topic is already off the table, Lombardi continues: “We were able to settle it among ourselves, so everything is fine, there is no war or anything.”

More than just “the little brother of”

Stefano Zarrella isn’t just Giovanni Zarrella’s little brother! The 31-year-old has built something of his own. Stefano has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The influencer uses the social network to share cooking videos several times a week. He particularly impresses with his charming nature and simple recipes that anyone can cook. In addition to his work as a cooking blogger, Stefano Zarrella runs one with his business partner Daniele influencer agency.

Meanwhile, Laura Maria Rypa revealed that she felt “extremely restricted” by Pietro Lombardi. This allowed conclusions that Lombardi can be quite controlling. Sources used: