Now she’s stripping down! How far does she go?

After the joint “OnlyFans” account with her husband Michael Wendler, 49, did not cause much enthusiasm, Laura Müller, 21, got her own and lo and behold, success was not long in coming. At first she was reluctant to choose her pictures, but over time she showed more and more bare skin. Now she goes one step further.

Laura Müller: Your “OnlyFans” channel is a success

When Michael Wendler and his wife Laura Müller announced that they would soon be on “OnlyFans”, they were the expectations of the fans are huge. The disappointment was all the greater when the scandalous couple shared videos of everyday situations such as ordering pizza instead of erotic clips. Bitter criticism followed and the two of them didn’t make big money this way. However, Laura seemed to have taken a liking to the platform and ended up creating their own account. At first she wasn’t quite so brave, but over time her photos became more and more revealing. This also had an effect on their income, because this eventually increased as well. Alone 49.99 euros per month pay their subscribers, sometimes even adding $100 to $200 in tips. She recently had the idea of ​​sharing her Amazon wish list on the channel. So she said before that some fans probably want to do something good for her.

Laura Müller: Now she is sending nude photos

For having her subscribers her plenty of money But Laura Müller also wants to present more of herself to them, paying for their content. She recently shared a picture on the erotic platform that shows her in a mesh jumpsuit studded with rhinestones. To see: her almost bare bottom. But it shouldn’t stay that way, the 21-year-old promises even more revealing pictures in the caption:

I have brand new pictures for you! Spoiler Alert: you can see my nipples

In order to be able to see these pictures, her subscribers must send Laura a personal message. She can probably do this too pay well.

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