Now yes, Arturo Peniche will divorce after almost 40 years of marriage

In 2020, actor Arturo Peniche was surprised to reveal that he was separating from his wife Gaby Ortiz, after 38 years of marriage. However, it did not happen and after several attempts to recover their marriage, now the Mexican confirmed the breakup is final and the divorce will come soon.

“We have a healthy relationship, until now it is a friendship relationship and that’s it. If we stay married, I think that later we will straighten out that matter. I hope so. They were years of marriage, for which I thank him very much and I also gave those years of marriage, ”he assured for the program “Hoy” on Televisa

On the other hand, the actor said that he is not looking for another partner: “I think that love is not sought, love comes, I think it can come from anywhere, you do not have to look for it, alone,” he added.

It was two years ago that the 60-year-old actor explained how the pandemic unleashed by COVID-19 not only impacted his family environment with several human losses and infections, but also ended up breaking the relationship with his wife and mother of his children, Gaby Ortiz.

“It went very bad. I had heavy losses due to this blessed virus, there were relatives who recovered and others who did not. (…) I was very upset for a month, I couldn’t sleep, I cried. Among those losses, my marriage, “said the also singer at that time in an interview with the Mexican journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda.

Then Peniche tried several times to get her marriage back, but her attempts were not enough.

The protagonist of “María Mercedes” and Gaby Ortiz were together for four decades and are the parents of Brandon and Khiabet Peniche.