“Nowadays it should be self-evident”

It is generally said that everything becomes easier with the second child. After all, as a mother you have already been able to gain experience. Knäble can’t quite subscribe to this truism. She doesn’t see herself as having an advantage when dealing with a nine-month-old baby ball, but in other areas of motherhood: “Of course you’re more relaxed and routine the second time you’re a mom. But only in terms of organization, not emotions. Because both children need security and love .”

“Nowadays it should be self-evident”

The presenter, who worked for RTL for 16 years and now presents the beauty podcast “VIP Gloss” for “Bunte”, had her first child at almost 40 and her second at 42. For her, however, it is not particularly unusual to have become a mother rather late.

Knäble: “Nowadays it should go without saying that everyone can freely decide how, when and with whom they live their lives. For me, the way it is, it’s perfect.” However, she does not yet know whether she is planning a third child. “It’s still too early,” she laughs.

“The changes are part of my life”

And another “baby” of the TV star is now seeing the light of day: Knäble wrote the “Bunte Beauty Buch” around her podcast. Here the mother of two brings together a lot of information about skin, make-up and styling, garnished with one or the other celebrity anecdote from her podcast.

A big topic of the brightly edited tome is also getting older and how to deal with it properly. Knäble sees the aging process rather calmly, as she assures t-online: “The changes in my skin are part of my life and I see positive things in them: every little wrinkle tells a story and the small laugh lines on my eyes are the sun’s rays of life for me! “

Here’s how she deals with social media pressure

Positive food for thought, which she always wants to give to her 150,000 followers on Instagram. At the same time, the presenter always manages to present herself naturally in the glamorous and illusory world of social media. And that is in great contrast to the Instagram platform, which often only emphasizes the perfect sides of life and thus puts a certain amount of pressure on young people in particular. Be it in terms of lifestyle or beauty.

Knäble himself stays cool and does not always give in to this pressure and constantly changing fashion trends. “It has always helped me to find my very own style. My tip: Don’t let trends drive you if you don’t want to! Fashion and beauty should always have something to do with fun and joy.”

But the native of Frankfurt knows only too well that finding your own style has its pitfalls. As a teenager, she was still chasing a certain trend: golden hair, basically a look with lots of strands to make the hair sparkle. At least in theory. In practice, it didn’t work out perfectly when the young Jennifer Knäble wanted to try it out at the hairdresser’s on vacation in Spain. “There was obviously a communication problem,” she laughs about it today. “In the end I didn’t have golden strands, but completely yellow-gold-red hair. This year, by the way, the summer hair color ‘Golden Copper’ again.”