Oana Nechiti teases Amira Pocher

Updated on 03/17/2022 at 7:52 p.m

  • Amira Pocher is currently dancing on “Let’s Dance” across the floor.
  • Does she cut a good figure?
  • In any case, Oana Nechiti, who herself was a professional dancer at the dance show for a long time, expected more from Pocher …

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Amira Pocher is currently swinging her dance leg on “Let’s Dance”. Oliver Pocher’s wife inspires the audience alongside professional dancer Massimo Sinató. However, not everyone is blown away by the performance of the dancing couple: dancer Oana Nechiti, who was a professional on “Let’s Dance” for a long time, expected more from Pocher than she does now in her podcast “Dance or not at all” betrayed with husband Erich Klann.

“If you look like a Ferrari, you can’t drive like a Golf,” Nechiti teases Pocher. “That does not work!” If you look like a Ferrari, you have to dance like a Ferrari. The 34-year-old explains: “Something has to happen slowly. I’ve never seen a season where I see such a strong dancer on the introductory show and there’s so much potential – and it just doesn’t work out.”

Oana Nechiti expects more from Amira Pocher

Amira Pocher is an “appearance” that Nechiti “hasn’t seen on ‘Let’s Dance’ for so long,” but that’s exactly why more is expected of her. “Because she is so stunning in her natural way and in her incredibly amazing beauty, you expect so much,” explains the 34-year-old.

So far, Amira Pocher has been able to convince the jury and the audience in four shows: After the tango in the introductory show, she and dance partner Sinatò presented a salsa in episode one, a slow fox in episode two and a rumba in episode three. In the fourth episode on Friday (March 18, 8:15 p.m. on RTL), the couple dances a jive to “The Boy Does Nothing” by Alesha Dixon.
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