Ochsenknecht, Söder daughter and Co.: Celebrities get carried away by Jürgen Höller’s Power Days

After a three-year break, the “Jürgen Höller Power Days” finally took place again in the Munich Olympia Hall. A two-day event of superlatives – this time again with numerous celebrities! Jürgen Höller, who is considered THE success and motivational trainer in Europe, was able to welcome the internationally successful designer Philipp Plein live “on stage” on Sunday in the Olympic Hall – after star guests such as Oliver Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dieter Bohlen in previous years.

Celebrity guests get carried away by motivational speakers

So this time a very stylish wind blew through the Olympic Hall. Enthusiastic business manager, entrepreneur and investor Dr. Georg Kofler (“The Lion’s Den”) the participants. And the guests in the audience included model Gloria-Sophie Burkandt (daughter of Markus Söder), actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, model agent Peyman Amin, designer Verena Ofarim, actor Adrian Can and designer Anja Gräfin von Keyserlingk. Pure power!

The picture combo shows Helene Fischer and Vanessa Mai (archive photos).

Comparison with Helene Fischer: Vanessa Mai freaks out in the new show


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Presenter Kurt Kroemer

Scandal at “Chez Krömer”: So there was a heated argument in front of the camera


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Philipp Plein: “I’m super happy to be here today”

Philipp Plein came on stage around 7pm and got a lot of applause and standing ovations from the audience. Born in Munich, he now has stores around the world, countless (Hollywood) stars love his mostly glittery creations and he has a huge fan community worldwide – around 2.8 million followers on Instagram alone. “I’m super happy to be here today,” he told the enthusiastic audience. “I was born in Munich, in the city center, and it’s nice to be back home.”

Model Gloria-Sophie Burkandt, the daughter of the Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder came by on Sunday evening and was happy to see the fashion designer again: “I modeled for Philipp Plein. I made my catwalk debut at his fashion show in Milan last September.”

Georg Kolfer: “I feel a great spirit of optimism here”

There was also much applause for the appearance of Dr. George Kofler. He told his personal success story on stage and explained to the guests how to become a market leader and how to deal with defeats, fears and losses: “I was happy to come today to talk about entrepreneurship. I sense a great spirit of optimism here, and also entrepreneurial mood. It’s all people who want to tackle something and develop further in their lives,” he said.

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